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Fit n Fierce Athletics

In today’s ever growing industry and expanding technology, online training has become more and more common while in person sessions are becoming a thing of the past! While I still offer in person training to those who prefer it and are local to me, online coaching offers many benefits to coach and client. As a client you will:

  1. Save big on costs
  2. Still get one on one coaching & accountability
  3. Still get a customized program
  4. Have the support of an online community
  5. Receive a great program making it easy to keep track of your progress.

Fit ‘n Fierce Athletics has designed a comprehensive, intuitive program to help keep you on track towards your goals. Whether training for a competition, looking to build muscle or lose fat, I can offer the knowledge and expertise to guide you there. With my newly designed program I’m able to keep tabs on your daily lifestyle factors that can effect progress, your adherence, and see how you’re doing on the way to your goals. It allows for easy communication between coach and client with update notifications, is provided to you in a user friendly Google Sheets format that you can access on your computer or tablet, as well as your phone on the go. Your program will consist of:

  • Your daily lifestyle & check-in stats
  • Your customized meal plan which will be updated monthly throughout your journey with fresh new ideas and recipes
  • A macro tracker allowing you to branch out and eat the foods you enjoy while still staying on par to reach those goals.
  • Your customized workout program with all the info you need to rock it out at the gym including your reps, sets, the Rating of Perceived Exertion so you know how intense to go, and regular updates to keep you progressing.
  • A workout tracker to keep track of the weights used for each workout, the only way to progress is to strive for more, tracking allows you to easily see what you’ve been doing and make notes on the level of intensity, if you feel that weight was too easy, too heavy etc. This way you can improve in your next workout and keep the progress flowing.
  • A recommended supplementation chart. Not sure what to use to help you reach your goals? If you even need to? What supplements are for and how they can help? When the best time is to take them? No worries, I’ve got you covered.


As a Fit ‘N Fierce Athlete, you’ll be a part of an online community to support you along the way, where you can share recipes and meal ideas, boast your progress, get help and guidance. We will check in weekly at minimum to go over your weekly progress and adherence to see when/where some changes are needed.You’ll have 24/7 contact with me via messenger or text and have all concerns addressed within a max. 24 hour period unless previously advised of a situation preventing this.

Your meal plan will be built specifically for you, your body and your goals. We’ll assess your likes and dislikes, current habits, lifestyle & diet to be able to modify and design a program you’ll love. You’ll be provided with fresh new meal plans regularly as well as your macros to be

able to branch out when you feel comfortable to do so. We’ll teach about flexible dieting and how to allow yourself to enjoy the foods you love while maintaining balance in your life.

Your workouts will be science backed and built according to your goals, areas in which you need/want to improve and will be updated as we go to allow you to continually be challenging yourself and improving.

All online programs are billed as a down-payment up front in order to begin the process of your intake & program design, followed by a small monthly coaching fee which is due on the 5th of each month. I’m here to help you reach your goals, so if ever there is a reason you’re not able to make that payment on that date, please reach out to me so we can work something out. I know life doesn’t always work the way we want it so I’m happy to work with you.


– Candice Stone, CPT



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