YouTube Channel & Updates

YouTube Channel & Updates

Hey guys! Long time no blog! Things have been going great here, I’ve been picking up a few clients who are all getting great results and enjoying the programs I’ve been setting them up with. I’m excited thinking of the future and being able to see this becoming my full time job. I’ve got such a passion for it and am loving helping all my clients and seeing their great results! Good things are coming to PROfit Lifestyle!

For those looking, I’m offering a wide range of services from showing you around the gym for those who prefer to workout independently, I can make customized workout and nutrition plans, alone or together, for those local or not, I’ve got a great software which can assist you in your training so you can take advantage of lower fees than in person training, but still reap the benefits of having all the info you need, including how to videos for each workout and a full calendar, right at your fingertips! So if there’s anything you’re looking for, please reach out! We can assess your needs and work with you!

We’ve also just recently moved into our new home and have lots more space than previously! My basement gym setup is coming along great, hoping to have my walls up to finish the room in the few months and then looking at getting a few more things. I’d like to soon be able to offer clients training sessions there for more convenience and being able to save them the cost of a gym membership!

Personally I’ve been doing really good. I’m actually prepping for my first “official” bikini competition for ECC in November and am currently 6 weeks out! Super excited and also nervous for this brand new experience! It’s been a good learning curve and a nice reinforcement of how crucial nutrition is to fat loss! And speaking of that! I’ve actually decided I’m going to be enrolling n the ISSA certified fitness nutrition course soon! I’m figuring in the new year once the holidays are over and I can dedicate the time needed to the course, but I’m super excited to expand my knowledge even more for myself and my clients.

I’m also excited to let you all know about my new YouTube channel! I’ve had it for some time, but am now making regular videos. Content ranges from blog type content, fitness advice, how to’s, workouts, nutrition, meal prep, recipes and more! PLEASE go subscribe to my channel and follow me! You can receive regular updates and notifications of when I’ve posted a new video and please give me some feedback as well! Give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments what kind of content you’d like to see me cover, explain or show you in one of my next videos.

Well that’s all for now guys! Thanks for stopping by my site and please reach out for any questions! :)

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